1. When playing music, there is accompaniment but no singing?

A)The headset jack plug is 3.5 mm, which is the most popular international standard connection.

If the headset is connected to a non-international standard interface, there will be background sound only, then a adapter cable is needed.

2. When the headphones work well but the voice chatting can't work?

A)Please make sure the microphone switch is turned on.

B)Please make sure the device is single interface device if you don't use splitter.

C)The headset plug is quadrupolar, while your device may be of tripolar

D) For those device like computer which have 2 interface. You need a 1 into 2 spliiter to enjoy music and chatting at the same time

3. When there arises the phenomenon of noise, small volume, unclear sound, or one side with sound and the other side without sound?

A)Please check if the plug is well inserted into the interface device,

B)The headset plug is quadrupolar, make sure your device is not tripolar interface.

4. There is electric current noise when using.

A)Please check if the plug is well inserted into the interface device

B)Please take away electronics of strong magnetic (such as the mobile phone,fan...)

C)Please check if the microphone boost of the computer microphone is turned on. If not, open it.

5. Not work on ps4 or xbox one:

--------- Here we want to explain again, our headset could work on ps4, xbox one, xbox one s those with 3.5mm jack port ( only xbox one need microsoft adapter).

--------- Not work on PS3, xbox 360, because for these 2 consoles need other accessory to conect, very complex, we don’t recommend.

--------- Below is the connection and setting video from youtube for your reference.

 PS4 connection and setting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCpWURfJMNI

 For xbox one s’ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CneYDothXsA

 For xbox one’ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCAqBHPVQmc

 Or you can search “how to use headset with mic on xbox one ps4 controller” on youtube to get more videos.